The JSN Campus University announced today that it has established four additional subcommittees to focus on thematic and operational areas: benchmarking/peer institutions, community connections, programming and space/infrastructure.

It is especially fortunate to have a wide variety of Vanderbilt arts stakeholders represented—students, faculty, administrators and staff—and we created these subcommittees with that in mind- said Bonnie J. Dow, dean of academic initiatives for the College of Arts and Science, professor of communication studies and council chair.

“This means that our subcommittees are equipped to be especially thorough and informed in their tasks of documenting Vanderbilt’s current resources as well as future opportunities.” The subcommittees were established to work on the goals of the University Arts Council, which was created last fall by Interim Chancellor and Provost Susan R. Wente to advocate for the arts and related scholarship at Vanderbilt.

“The performing and visual arts are alive, well and thriving across Vanderbilt’s campus, with students and faculty engaging creatively within the university community and the city of Nashville,” said Carolyn Huebl, professor of violin at the Blair School of Music, and council vice-chair.

“The University Arts Council exists to support the innovative artists at work at Vanderbilt.

Further study of these topics will help the council find new ways to support the endeavors of the artists who make Vanderbilt University such a wonderful place to teach and study.” The council’s four subcommittees have each held initial meetings to discuss goals, priorities and action items, and to develop timelines to accomplish their goals.